The Rathole Rodeo Events

2024 Spring Rally May 10th thru May 19th

Spring Rally 2024

  • Keg Roll: Line your bike up and roll a empty beer keg the length of the field, but you have to keep it your lane and cross the line first to win.
  • Slow Race: It's not the first to cross the line in the slow race, it's the last. Keep your balance, stay in your lane and keep your feet on the pegs
  • Barrel Racing: Ever seen horse barrel racing, well this is the same except your bike is your horse. And as usual keep them feet on them pegs. Take a look at a quick run, this boy is hard to beat.
  • Waitress Carry: Need to cool off? A tray of ice cold drinks, your riding partner and the stopwatch keeping you honest.
  • Road Kil: To many critters have tried to cross the field and we need you and your partner to grab your bike, a bucket and a grabber and clear your lane of all the road kill.
  • Pick Em Up and Put Em Down: On your first pass your partner picks up as many tennis balls off of the cones as she can. On the next pass she has to put them back, all while you manage the bike and keep your feet on the pegs.
  • Balloon Toss: The couples events keep coming and guys here is your chance to get her back for that waitress carry mishap. You keep the bike in control and she has to get the water balloon over the bar and catch it on the other side.
  • Weenie Bite: She gets a weenie with her choice of ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise. You have to give her enough time to bite it, how much can she get?
  • Pudding Wrestling: The time of the day where we take pretty girls and mix them up in chocolate pudding.

---------- Bar Contest At The Rat Hole Bike Week Rodeo ----------

  • Fake at 8: Ladies, we know you never fake "it", but we still want to hear your best try.
  • Hide the Weenie: We start out with a hot dog weenie and keep going from there. Take a look at what a winning try looks like.
  • Hot Buns: If you got the goods to win, you gotta get in. We have a live DJ so you ladies can choose whatever song you need to shake your buns.
  • Wet T-Shirt: Do we really need to explain this one!
  • Mystery Contest: Stick around for the real fun!